One week project @ University of Leeds (exchange)
Term:Fall, 2017
Team: Individual
Tools: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign


Absolut is a world famous vodka brand originated from Sweden. This is an attempt to launch a digital campaign for Absolut Vodka.

Concept Overview:

Despite its heavy consumption among students, there is not much student representation in Absolut’s campaigns according to my research.

This campaign targets on the student group and try to resonate the brand value with students' life by displaying a series of scenarios that illustrate student's life.  This campaign intends to hit on those "soft spots" of being a studen and recall memories for those who have been away from school.


Knowledge Field:

Copy Writing


from left to right, up to down 

“Shut up As*hole!” ·······················  Impulsive Violence
“He Doesn’t Love Me” ···················Relationship Issues 

“Life is a Maze” ····························· Life Direction
“Feeling Like 22” ··························· Silly Moments
“Get the door, John!” ····················· Sexual Adventure
“I Don’t Get This” ····························Academic Struggles


All illustrations are original. This is an academic project with the purpose to practice design. None of those materials should be used for any commercial purposes.